What are the fabrics made from?

Our fabrics are linen-based. Linen is a natural product made from a flax plant. The long fibres of the flax plant have a natural vegetable wax coating, which creates a subtle sheen when woven together in a textile. The flax plant's fibre is naturally strong, soft and light which helps to make linen both breathable and durable.

How do I care for my fabric?

All our fabrics are dry clean only.

Please be mindful using water or cleaning products to get marks or stains off your fabric. By doing this it will create water marks on the fabric because linen after printing goes through a chemical finishing process which allows the fabric to be durable and to be used in your home.

Linen is a natural product and therefore sun will fade the colour of our fabric even not in direct sunlight. Sun is a natural bleaching agent.

Should I expect imperfections in the fabric?

Yes. The natural characteristic of linen means that within the yarn you can get "slubs", or knots that occur randomly along the length of the fabric.

Also, the dyes can take differently to different batches making slight colour variations from batch to batch - there can also be slight colour variations with the base cloth. Please make sure you ask for a batch swatch if you feel this is going to be a problem.

Can I order fabric without having requested a swatch?

Yes, you can, but we would not advise it. The nature of our fabrics means that colours can vary (even between batches) and it can also be difficult to see the colours clearly and accurately from photographs. Since we cannot refund orders for fabric once it has been cut for your order (see below) we really recommend that you first request a batch swatch.

Can I return fabric for an exchange/refund?

Fabric is cut specifically for your order and so cannot be refunded.

However, if there is a genuine fault with the fabric when it arrives, then please email us straight away at emily@emilybond.co.uk and we will arrange for a replacement (please do not use or cut the fabric before returning it as we will be unable to accept it if it has been altered).



Please see our dedicated Delivery & Returns page for full information.

Does your fabric come folded or rolled?

Any fabric orders under 5m will come folded and any orders over 5m will come rolled.

If you place an order for under 5m of fabric but would like it to be rolled, please email emily@emilybond.co.uk with your order number as soon as youve made your payment so that a note can be added to your order.

How long will it take for my fabric to arrive?

All our fabrics are now made to order so it can take between 7-10 working days for your fabric to be delivered to you.



Can I open a trade account with Emily Bond?

You can register for a trade account via this page - https://emilybond.co.uk/account/register.

Once you submit your registration, it will be approved by Emily and you will get a notification when your account has been set up. 

Why is my trade account price not showing?

Please make sure you are logged into your trade account before you add fabrics to your basket.

If you are definitely logged in and your trade price is still not showing, please email emily@emilybond.co.uk so we can look into it further.

What products are available to wholesale customers?

Only our fabric range is available to buy at wholesale prices directly from Emily Bond.



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