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Having run my business since 2007, it has taken many twists and turns to make it into the business it is today.  When I did my first workshop three years ago with nine budding new business owners, I realised that I just loved talking to people about their businesses and ideas.

So, I have decided to start a mentoring business alongside my retail business. 

My passions not only lie with design but also in small businesses and in particular creating your own businesses, it’s about turning your dream idea into a reality.  That’s what I did 14 years ago when I started my business, turning my dream into something real and creating a fabric company – Emily Bond was born!

The other reason I feel so passionately about helping people with their ideas and business plans is because I have been through so much with this business, I often feel like I could write a book on the highs and lows. Days when I have felt so excited and elated it’s like no other feeling and days and nights where I have worried myself to sleep. That’s because when you create your own businesses, for it to be successful you must have passion and drive and your heart and soul must in it.

So why do I want to be a business mentor?

Well, I feel now more than ever that I’m so ready to help others with their business ideas. I’ve been through recessions, the high street diminishing, the rise of online shopping! I’ve sold to department stores, big shops, small shops, online, trade shows wholesale and retail, big and small, and we have licensed the brand. So, I’ve done a lot with the business and so much has changed as the years have gone on, and, now we’re coming out of the other side of a pandemic - there’s not much me and my business haven't been through.

This past 18 months have lead me to take some time to reflect on the challenges I have faced with this business and I want to help people with their ideas by sharing my own experiences. I’ve run my business solely for 14 years and it has been a roller coaster, but it’s been a great one. 

I can talk you through how I started my business, what we’ve done, what’s worked and what hasn’t, why I made the decisions I made, and how that has influenced the size and shape of the business. 

I will share things that I would have done differently and things I'm so grateful I did. You can ask me any question you want about my experiences and I will happily share them will you in the hope that it will allow you to understand more about running your own brand and business.

We will work through the points below to help you decide where you're headed:

Creating a brand 

  • What is the brand?
  • What is your vision and design ideas?
  • What are the brands unique selling point?
  • What is the story behind the brand?
  • What size of business do you want to be?


  • Identifying your key products
  • Making sure all your ideas and products work together to create a cohesive brand

Identifying your customer

  • Helping you to identifying exactly who your customer is and by doing this you can then seem them out and sell to them.
  • Find your target audience by looking at:
    • Who are they?
    • Where do the live?
    • What car do they drive?
    • What are their hobbies?
    • Do they have families or are they single?

 Where are you going to sell

  • Looking at different revenue streams for your brand:
    • Online
    • Wholesale
    • Retail
    • Department stores
    • Small shops
    • Trade shows
    • Other avenues

 Costing and Budget 

  • What is your budget?
  • What price will your products be?
  • Understanding stock and cash-flow
  • The costs of running a brand that you are wanting to create.

How it works?

After a short exploratory telephone call, we would agree a plan of action.

I would suggest that most plans start with 4x 60 minute one-to-one sessions but I’d also be happy to discuss bespoke packages if there was another way you felt would be more beneficial for your business.  

The sessions would be online or telephone calls, whatever works for both parties.

As you may know I’m not a trained business coach but I’m not selling myself as that, I'm here to help you create something unique which is your own. I can help you create your dream business and my experience comes from running my own successful brand for 14 year.

What people say

After running my own design studio for many years, working on customer projects, I felt it was time to launch my own brand, Henrietta Peg. This is something I have always wanted to do, however I lacked knowledge in marketing and branding.

I booked a 4 week course on brand creation and mentoring with Emily.

Emily was brilliant, guiding me through the varied connotations on how to create a brand, identify products, costing, where to sell and budgets.

Following our meetings I would spend time developing the brand in more detail, before discussing and receiving constructive feedback.

I felt Emily’s input was invaluable, she is very easy to talk too and a good listener, I felt very relaxed in our ‘zoom’ meeting.

Spending time being mentored by Emily gave me the confidence and belief in myself to go for it !
Debbie, Henrietta Peg

If you are interested please get in touch by emailing me personally on emily@emilybond.co.uk.

Many thanks




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